My Greatest Affliction.

This post is long and may be difficult to read. For anyone, this may be difficult to read, but for those who know me very personally, this very well may be devastating as I unveil a very raw and personal tragedy. I began writing this post on June 25, 2016. It has taken a year... Continue Reading →


Fragile Hope.

It has been quite a while since I've given a medical update. So many people have come to me at work and church to ask if I'm okay, and quite honestly I don't have an answer to that question. I've neglected to answer wholly, because it is so much easier (albeit much more frustrating long-term)... Continue Reading →

The Will to Live

During this short time of being practically bedridden, I thought I might give you all an update on what medical things are happening in my life right now. Where do I even begin? 1. I'll share the most current issue, since it is the reason I can hardly get out of bed and is the... Continue Reading →

A Difficult Medical Update.

This does end well, but bear with me momentarily as I share the truth. These past few weeks have been absolutely dreadful. I’ve done the best I can to hide how completely unwell I have felt, and I feel that I’ve done a pretty decent job in my attempts for the most part. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Starting Over.

For over a year, I have spent hundreds of hours compiling complicated experiences, writing them out, and authoring a book. When I began writing this book, I was at a very bitter place in my life. I was in a complicated relationship, I had just begun college in a place where I knew no one,... Continue Reading →

Brain Surgery – Part Two.

I almost died on the Friday following my surgery. In fact, I really should have died, and we have no way of explaining how I didn't besides...well, God. ----- Click this link to read Part One. ----- All day Thursday (the 12th), I felt like I was progressing at a rate that would allow me to... Continue Reading →

Brain Surgery – Part One.

Today marks eleven, almost twelve, days since I had brain surgery. I want to share some details of this experience for two reasons. One, because Chiari is a condition that hardly anyone knows about so I want to raise some awareness about what Chiarians (that probably isn't an actual word) go through. Secondly, I like to... Continue Reading →


"So I'm here to ask that, if you have been following my journey these past several months, and if you pray at all, please agree in prayer with me that God will provide wisdom and guidance for me in this situation...My greatest fear is being realized and I can't figure out how I ended up here. And worse, I have no idea how to fix it. There are ultimatums, time-restraints, physical restrictions. Neither choice is a good choice and I have no idea what to do, but I have to do something soon."

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